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April 18, 2013
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The Chaos Lords by GatesMcCloud The Chaos Lords by GatesMcCloud
And with the chaos couple done, my pic is finished! The Chaos Lords of Equestria have assembled and are waiting to corrupt all in the name of Discord and Chaos.

The King and Queen of Chaos
Applejack, The Deceiver
Pinkamena Pie, Princess of Hatred
Fluttershy, Avatar of Anger
Rainbow Dash, Uncaring Lord of Apathy
Rarity, Queen of Greed

Oh, and if you're wondering why and what all this is, Chapter 1 cover. That'll set you on the right path.
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what theme song did you gave them?
i got the chaos lords theme too:applejack's theme i believe you by celldweller and her boss theme is betrayal by lita ford

pinkamena pie's theme free your hate by kmfdm and her boss theme is sworn through sword from devil may cry 4

fluttershy's theme is fly routine by hostile groove and her boss theme is on a mission by hostile groove

rainbow dash's theme is slave by evolutionaires and her boss theme is bob barbas theme from DMC:devil may cry

rarity's theme is money power glory by clawfinger and her boss theme is happy birthday jesus by CODS

twilight's theme is age of mutation by combichrist and her boss theme is hades by turmion katilot

discord's boss theme is meet the monster by five finger death punch

the chaos lords fraction's theme is verruckt by eisbrecher

i hope they like the songs i gave them. how will they respond?
GatesMcCloud 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
If you played my civ V mods you'd know what music I'd use.
you have a civ V mods? where?
GatesMcCloud 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm responsible for majority of pony mods for Civ V. I'm Starman Dx on steam.
i can't find that website your talking about.
what music did you give the chaos lords and the crystal army?
i can't find it.
Nightmare Mirror, "Ya know, Ah thought Ah was the version of mahself Ah loathed the most. But yah? Yer more pathetic than Ah've ever been. Ah decided truth should never be compromised, evah, no matter who it hurts, ya? Yer less than a puppet, puppets are least are just victims on strings, yer a wind-up doll. This is truth, a spoken by Nightmare Mirror, once upon a time Applejack, The Cruelest of Truths."
Applejack the Deceiver: "No, no, no, ya got it all wrong. We're not slaves or puppets, Discord just set us free, that's all. Pinkie Pie doesn't hafta care if other ponies like her, Fluttershy isn't being held back by her fears anymore, Rarity an' Rainbow Dash get to do what they want to do for a change, Twilight's happier than she ever was under Celestia, an' Ah don't hafta worry 'bout being honest all the time! Plus, Ah still get ta see mah family, not even Discord can keep them away from me!

And one last thing Little Miss. Queen Honesty--for somepony so obsessed with the truth, you've told some mighty big lies--lies so big that even you believe them. But, hey, why listen to me? Ah'm just a liar. Everything Ah say is a lie. Except for that, maybe."
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